About me:

Debo Chakraborty 3

I am a Senior Research Scientist at EcoHealth Alliance, a global non-profit based in New York. I am part of an international team of scientists and technologists who are currently implementing the USAID-funded ambitious Emerging Pandemic Threat (EPT) 2 programme in 32 countries across Asia and Africa.

I received my PhD degree from Manipal University in India studying population genetics of macaque monkeys. I received BSc and MSc degrees from University of Calcutta, India in Zoology with specialisation in Ecology.

My broad research interest is in understanding links between infectious diseases, ecology and behaviour; and how disease ecological knowledge can be translated into tangible public health solutions. My research has been supported by funding from International Society for Primatology (ISP), US-India Educational Foundation (USIEF) and US Agency for International Development (USAID). I collaborate actively with researchers from several disciplines including public health, veterinary sciences and social sciences.

I am married to Shreejata Gupta, an Evolutionary Psychologist at University of York, UK and contribute actively to the Two-body problem of academic couples. I enjoy street photography, cooking, beer; and deconstructing films and sociopolitics. I usually manage to read one book every two months.